about us

The idea behind PAPERPUSH is emerged from the vast experience of our team in the Accounts and Finance industry. The world around us is evolving and technology has touched all sectors. Business Houses, start-ups and young entrepreneurs are coming up with path-breaking ideas every day. They often settled with Less Profit than what they deserve. And that is only because of delayed finalization of accounts and little awareness about taxation resulting in paying interest and penalties. It is a pressing issue and PAPERPUSH is the solution, making businesses sustainable and financially stable.

We believe  businesses are created out of passion, and not merely profits. Young entrepreneurs of the day are building incredible ventures that are providing fruitful solutions to many problems across the world. We are passionate about how finances run, and while we do what we’re best at, we’d love for other entrepreneurs do what they’re best at!

Mission Statement

We're here to enable all businesses houses and entrepreneurs in becoming sustainable and providing them with optimized financial services on real time basis for their diverse needs.