Medium/Small Business

The rising stars of economies around the world, small businesses are creating livelihoods. Competition and disruption are rampant here, leading many companies bankrupt when most have to still adhere to government rules and regulations. We’re here to help them build a more sustainable practice so they can evolve, and keep contributing to the growing economy.



With an intent of innovatively solving real-world problems, startups disrupt the conventional systems to bring in change. They’re the new additions to the economy, and since they’re young and fast, there’s a lot they tend to rush. To keep their sails from sinking too soon, we’re here to help them with accountancy and taxation services, so that they stay sustainable.



Freelancers are the future of work, with a great multitasking approach - they manage clients, work and more. Their lives are a twenty-four seven, not typical nine - to - five, and so their time is truly precious. Real-time accounting can truly take a load off their shoulders to manage work and play better.



Franchised marketplaces are smaller units of larger brand names, while consumers will easily attract to this place for the brand legacy, however bringing the franchise to the level of the brand’s reputation is a herculean task. With finances kept in check franchise owners can optimize their service and train team members to match the brand repute.


Trust/Non-profit making organizations

Non - profit making organizations are not making a profit, but supporting a cause, supporting people’s issues and employees who work with them. These organizations have to look at finances in detail to stay sustainable, to be able to support more people through service and jobs.


Small government-run institutions

Government run institutions are also set up to bring revenue to the government and support the employees, and with the many taxes and institutional requirements - it is always better to have financial consultants in real - time that can help keep things succinct and transparent.