Can I use PAPERPUSH service/facility on my tablet or mobile phone?

You can  avail our real time accounting and taxation compliance services on a range of tablets, including iPad and Android devices. We also offer iPhone and Android apps to help you record expenses and prepare Invoice on the move and track your business mileage.

Can PAPERPUSH help with GST registration?

Yes; If your businessvolume  exceeds the GST threshold, you are mandatorily / legally required to register for GST. Irrespective of such threshold limit, it is  beneficial to register for GST before your turnover reaches the threshold.
We can advise you as to when you should register and  handle the registration on your behalf for no extra charge.

What are my responsibilities?

To enable us to generate and file your GST , Tax Deduction  and  Income tax returns within the prescribed time limit,, you need to keep your  records updated. We recommend that you send your Invoices, bank statement and other accounts related documents on PAPERPUSH on weekly / monthly basis as a discipline.. You can verify your entries using our application system before every tax filing.
Depending on your company’s business profile / funactions, updating your PAPERPUSH account is just a matter of few minutes every week..

Can I sign up online?

You can register your interest online, but to ensure best and full proof service to you, our advisors will need to contact you to start the process and perform the necessary security checks, which can't be done online.

Does PAPERPUSH has a minimum term or contract?

Our mutual association can be  eitherthrough monthly subscriptions with a rolling 30-day contract, or annual subscriptions with a 12-month contract. If you have paid up to the end of a particular financial year, we will complete  filing for that period, even if the deadline occurs after you leave PAPERPUSH.

What level of accounting expertise does PAPERPUSH have?

As with all  accounting firms, the experience and qualifications of our accountants  encompass a broad range. Our accounting team comprises of “Pin to Piano” brains i.e.  they comprise all from Apprentices to Chartered Accountants.. As an integral part of our Firm’s policy, relentless imbibing of professional training at all levels is a permanent discipline, which keeps the team comprising of Chartered Accountants, Masters of Business Administration with specialization in Finance etc.,well versed with latest accounting methods viz. a viz. legislative amendments of all applicable statutes including various Taxation laws. rules, regulations, guidelines etc..

How much service /advice  in quid pro quo of  my monthly fee?

You get unlimited advice from your client managers and our accountants at any time during office hours, through  both email and phone. You don't need to book an appointment or find time in your busy day to visit us, we're available as and when you need. Our office hours are Monday to Saturday, 10:30am to 7.30pm.

How easy is it to switch to PAPERPUSH?

Switching to PAPERPUSH from another accountant is quicker and simpler. If you've just completed a previous financial period, it may be as simple as inputting your opening balances, which can be done in seconds.
Your dedicated client manager will help you with the switching process, including contacting your previous accountant and arranging for the transfer of records.
A setup fee may apply depending on the time of the year that you switch. Please contact us for  specific details.

Do you outsource any of the bookkeeping or tax work?

No, we do not outsource any of our accounting services or support.

Are my Periodic Tax compliances included?

Yes;GST, TDS and Income tax filing are included with our service, including e-file fees. Best of all, you can be confident you are getting all the allowances and deductions you deserve. By adding monthly bookkeeping to our tax service, we are aware of every business expense available as deduction. We also provide tax advice throughout the year to help you maximize your return and minimize your taxes.

Do you do previous years’ tax preparation?

Yes, we offer catch up accounting and various tax return preparation and filing services for previous years.

What happens if I sign up with you during the year?

You can start PAPERPUSH Bookkeeping anytime. In order to prepare your taxes, we need a full year of accurate bookkeeping to make sure we can account for all your income, expenses, and deductions. You can opt out of having your taxes completed by PAPERPUSH for the first year,even if you start later in the year.

What documents do I send for the bookkeeping service?

You  need to send us your monthly business account statements (bank statements), receipts, invoices of purchase and sales, credit card statements, and any other documents related to your business income and expenses..

Do I have to send my documents every month?

You may send your information to us weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or any other schedule that works for you. as long as you give us at least 5 to 7 working days before any tax returns or other filings are due. Most of our clients find the monthly service  easier compared to our doing it less frequently, and it will help you keep a close eye on your expenses and cash flow.

How long will it take to get my reports back?

PAPERPUSH will prepare and send your compiled financial statements to you within 5 business days of receiving each month’s documentation.

How do I transfer my documents to you electronically?

Most of our clients prefer uploading their documents through our secure online portal.

Is it safe to transfer my documents to you electronically?

Yes; Our client portal and document storage facilities utilize encryption to keep your information safe. This is a third-party service from, an industry leader in secure document transfers and storage.

Will I be able to speak to my Accountant whenever I want?

Our accountants are available Monday to Saturday 10:30am to 7:30pm. Questions or requests can also be sent with our “Ask an Accountant” form on our website, and you can request a call-back if you would like to speak directly to your accountant. Please allow up to 1 business hours for a call back or response, but in most cases, we are able to get back to you right away. There is never a charge for advice or the time you spend with your accountant.

Does it matter if I am not located near one of your offices?

Your accounting team is available via email and telephone to help you with any questions you may have. When you sign up with PAPERPUSH, a telephone consultation can be arranged with your dedicated Chartered Accountant to answer any questions. We offer a national service from our PAPERPUSH offices in Ahmedabad and have clients all over the Globe.

Will I deal with the same staff members?

Of course! You will be assigned to your own team, who will always deal with your paperwork. You will have your own experienced Bookkeeper and fully qualified Chartered Accountant.

Do I have to pay the postage?

No, PAPERPUSH will provide you with pre-printed Business Reply envelopes. Send your envelope in the mail and we cover the postage.