Our Journey

Core Team and Promoters are from diverse field of Accounting, taxation, and technology. After a three decades of successful carrier as a professional and business person they decided to make the pathway to success, smooth and less bumpy for the young entrepreneur as well as for business houses who have started testing fruit of success. It is emerged from the difficulties they have faced as well as witnessed in their career as professional, with and intention that it should never dampen the growth of Young entrepreneur as well as to established businesses who are providing employment to hundreds of persons. The world around us is evolving and technology has touched all sectors, and we help you bring in new age accounting with some old wisdom.In our career we have seen so many businesses fall apart due to improper accounting and failure in timely compliance with various Laws and regulations. It is a pressing issue so our TEAM @ PAPERPUSH came up with an idea of online real time accounting and compliance service to each type of businesses to make them grow even faster and at the same time keeping them competitive.

We never deviated from our aim

We're here to enable young entrepreneurs, small business and even to established business houses in becoming sustainable, providing them with optimized financial services for their diverse needs. In our goals to make the financial services easily accessible to people across diverse areas, we're building India towards a nation that has an incredible ‘Ease of doing business’.