who we are

Who we are

At Paper push, we’re a diverse team of finance ninjas, ready to help you for all your economic needs. Our team is a strategic built of professionals, including,

Chartered Accountants with expertise in accounting practice and they will help to keep businesses and individuals in check and updated with their books of accounts and finances. Will help to keep books of accounts updated on a real-time basis.

Chartered Accountants with expertise in Taxation (GST and Income tax) and its planning that keep your returns in order, whether you’re a business, a not - for - profit organization or a freelancer - taxes can be messy if not handled properly and they’re here to help you get them uncluttered.

Qualified Financial Planners to help businesses and individuals understand whether their business strategies would be able to meet their financial goals and estimate if they’d be able to reach those.

Business Managers which help to keep overall finances for an entire business in check. They help you with various services from managing bank accounts, bill payments, financial strategy, and budgeting.

Chartered Accountants with expertise in audits of financial statements, business practices and moreover helping with business and financial advisory.

Master of Business Administration individuals to help you build complete business strategies in a holistic approach. From finances to product strategy, business administration helps to keep things right in place.

Legal Practitioners who help to keep legal obligations in check - from long-term legal battles to small issues, they can help in understanding the terms and conditions when collaborating with other businesses and individuals.
With our robust team with a combined experience of 50 years, we help you reach your financial and business goals quickly and efficiently.

  1. Amazing team: Our qualified, expert and experienced team are ready to help you succeed.

  2. Latest technology with a human touch: Our brilliant innovative team is always there to make your bookkeeping easy.

  3. Delightful service: a team of CA’s and accounting technicians are working hard to make you successful.

  4. Reasonable pricing: We assure you on providing transparent and reasonable pricing


Our Journey

The idea behind Paper push is one that emerged from the vast experience of our team in the finance industry. The world around us is evolving and technology has touched all sectors, and we help you bring in new age accounting with some old wisdom. Small businesses, start-ups, and young entrepreneurs are coming up with path-breaking ideas every day. They often face losses with opportunities or because of little awareness about taxation, often have to pay up more interest rates or penalties. Plus it is spending more time from the already busy business schedule. It is a pressing issue and Paper push is the solution, making businesses sustainable, financially stable, further helping the government in better revenue collection at the same time, truly optimizing the financial order of the nation by providing real-time accounting for the 21st century.

We never deviated from our aim

And we never stop working on it. We’re here to enable small businesses and young entrepreneurs in becoming sustainable, providing them with optimized financial services for their diverse needs. In our goals to make the financial services easily accessible to people across diverse areas, we’re building India towards a nation that has an incredible ‘ease of doing business’.

Paper Push for society

Our leadership of experienced Chartered Accountants trains young physically disabled men and women to write the book of accounts for you. Differently-abled individuals (divyang) enthusiastically work towards collaborating and contributing to the society, while being able to gain skills to earn a livelihood without discrimination.

Paper Push.

A team of diligent professionals, we understand the finance domain in a complete way. We are here to provide all professional financial services under one roof, helping small to midsize businesses, helping decision makers and individuals in making better financial decisions to sustain and prosper. Our team has members of professional bodies including the prestigious ICAI. An India based team, we don’t outsource for any tasks.